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After attending marriage events, asking religious leaders and rishta aunties - prominent women in Pakistani communities who help find partners - Ikram started using the app and found a pool of people who were more "relatable" than those she'd been introduced to, she says.This means someone who is compatible with her Islamic faith and her complex mix of British and Pakistani cultures - and someone she would want to spend the rest of her life with."I think the new generation are more open to saying if you're Muslim and I'm Muslim, then what's the problem?

Many young Muslims around the British Isles are brought up in traditional households, but without a wider community with a shared cultural heritage.

Iram told Hakim that if he was serious, then he would have to meet her mother.

After several family meetings, Hakim formally proposed.

The Muslim demographic in Britain is young, with with 48 percent under the age of 24, compared to 31 percent for the overall population.

Muzmatch is not the only one trying to get a share of that target market, with competitors such as Canadian-based Salaam Swipe and Minder from the US.

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"If anything, they are asserting their faith more strongly, but in a way that will connect to the wider world around them."Last January, she met 23-year-old business owner Hakim - of Pakistani and West Indian origin - using the app.

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  1. You could start with an opening comment like "I've heard about kids going into video chat rooms to interact with people they don't know. If they're oblivious to it, said Dess, "you can just drop the subject." For the time being at least.