3 months of dating now what

I have been dating this gentleman for over 3 months now.

It is hard for me to figure out the direction we are headed.

The next step in the relationship is probably public/family acknowledgement that you are a couple.

From his perspective the relationship may be great fun and entertaining as it is, so much so that he wants to meet your daughter.He’s already suggesting a move up the relationship ladder and you may ask for a counter move — an introduction to his family.I’m not sensing anything sinister here, just a couple who get along well but are unsure of the next step.For me that is the last step of defining my realtionship with someone.I do not bring men that I am dating around my daughter; they may not last long. I am just not sure if it is his insecurity about relationships or not.

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You mention that you don’t need a lot of physical contact and describe the relationship as “casual”.

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