Accommodating iol synchrony

The adjustment to optimize your vision is permanent and it will never again need readjustment.

Light Adjustable Lens Technology The Light Adjustable Lens silicone was developed from the same material used in modern implants available today worldwide.

More than one adjustment is possible if required before the lens is ‘locked’.

It will never need to be replaced and will last forever.

Any residual long sight, short sight or astigmatism information is entered into the digital light delivery device and is used to create an adjustment profile which may include an Optimized Wavefront adjustment also.

The adjustment which takes less than 2 minutes usually, modifies the strength of the lens to add or subtract spherical power, eliminate astigmatic error, or add multifocality to achieve the best vision possible at all distances.

Once the desired prescription is achieved further UV light is passed through the lens to ‘fix’ it in position to make the adjustment permanent.

Light Adjustable Lens Results The digital light delivery device calculates the strength and angle of light to make the adjustment to the lens.

According to some studies over 70% of people who have lens implants after cataract surgery or clear lens extraction are still left with a degree of long sight, short sight or astigmatism after surgery which means they still need to wear glasses to achieve good vision.The cookies contain no personally identifiable information and have no effect once you leave the Medscape site.What is the Light Adjustable Lens The Light Adjustable Lens is probably the greatest leap forward in lens implant technology since the first implant was used almost exactly 60 years ago.Any adjustment required to perfect the vision is carried out by the digital light delivery device which is designed to deliver the exact dose and profile of light onto the LAL to correct any residual errors.Light adjustability of the lens is based on the principles of photochemistry and diffusion whereby components incorporated into the lens matrix are photopolymerised on exposure to the UV light.

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