Accomodating policy

They’re fundamentally fraught spaces, where we undress and obey the dictates of our bodies and therefore feel vulnerable.

If people think you’ve confused male and female and walked through the wrong door, you risk discomfort, or even real trouble.

In 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act afforded a similar right to people who had been shut out by doors they could not open and stairs they could not climb.

For them, fighting for accommodation in bathrooms was central.

‘‘Having a civil society is all about accommodation.

The XFit Dia System is a durable, accommodating insert providing both support and longevity of use for any patient in need of increased comfort and offloading of pressure.

Customized to fit the foot to exact specifications, it is recommended that the XFit Dia System be paired with a deep heel shoe.

However natural separating men and women in the bathroom may seem, it’s a cultural creation, with its roots in the Victorian era.

States started to require sex-segregated ‘‘water closets’’ in the 19th century, when women entered spaces that men previously dominated, like factories, parks and libraries.

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