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I have asked her to color her hair and take the gray out.She has accommodated me at times in the past, but recently she stopped doing it and said she was upset with how I feel about it and about my asking her to get rid of it.Certainly, you wouldn’t want to insult her (or be made to feel like you have) by telling her over and over and over that you don’t like her natural hair and she should cover it up as per your preference.No, no, your comfort — your feelings — must be accommodated here, even when you push and push about something Irene has made her stance clear about. ) I’m not completely unsympathetic to you even though it sounds like I might be. Adjusting physical appearances for a partner is not a tit-for-tat thing.We invite you to subscribe on i Tunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Sound Cloud, Tune In, Radio Public, Pocket Casts, and RSS feed.Dissecting President Trump's Foreign Trip | Audio Preview of the World Cup Final: Croatia vs France | Audio The Fight for Women's Rights: Gloria Allred's Crusade | Audio The tech world beyond Silicon Valley | Audio How to talk to your kids about healthy video game use | Audio Pod Save America's Dan Pfeiffer on Trump, Obama and the future of the Democratic Party | Audio The guilt, grief, and unexpected gifts of care giving | Audio Jackie, Janet and Lee: Three Women's Quests For Money And Power | Audio Discussing vaping and e-cigs with your teen | Audio Telling the Story of Curtis Flowers | Audio Capital Gazette Shooting Survivor Speaks Out | Audio How genealogy websites could compromise your privacy | Audio GLAAD calls for constitutional amendment to protect LGBTQ community | Audio Tracy Morgan on comedy, fatherhood, and overcoming pain | Audio Understanding Suicide and Working to Prevent It | Audio Dr. Agus on what patients should know | Audio Teaching refugee and immigrant students | Audio Ultrarunner Scott Jurek and His Wife, Jenny, On Racing Toward Dreams | Audio What makes a family?

Have you thought that maybe, when it comes to her hair, her own feelings are more important than yours?OF COURSE I don’t bring that up now and never would again, at this point. Again, I don’t badger her about it, I don’t insult her, and I don’t withhold affection or anything close; I simply state a preference, every now and again. I like it to grow out more, but since she finds the super buzz cut more attractive on me, I keep it super short all the time.I don’t understand why this can’t be reciprocated and why I’m a bad guy for casually asking.She has a hard time taking compliments, and I understand that and try to be as sensitive as possible, but I’m not sure why I am the villain now.Before we ever dated, she knew my thoughts on gray hair.

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