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They may seem forgetful, misplacing or losing things needed in order to just get through their day, or to complete a task needing to be done.

ADHD usually appears first in childhood, but can also be diagnosed in adults (as long as some symptoms were present in the individual’s childhood, but simply never diagnosed).

A combination of medical therapy and psychotherapy can help both you and your ADD spouse cope with symptoms and difficulties that may arise.

Medications can be helpful for some people with ADD and can help improve certain symptoms, such as inattention and difficulty concentrating, but they are not a cure.

Learn more: Symptoms of ADHD Learn more: Problems Related to ADHDThe causes remain unknown, but ADHD can be diagnosed and effectively treated.

Many resources are available to support families in managing ADHD behaviors when they occur.

ADHD may also include problems with hyperactivity (fidgeting, excessive talking, restlessness) and impulsivity (difficulty waiting one’s turn or with patience, interrupting others).

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and marriage can be a difficult combination, but it doesn't have to be.

Learn how ADD can affect a relationship and discover ways to help you and your spouse get through tough times in your marriage when one partner has ADD.

Other self-help measures include managing stress, planning daily activities and developing skills to interact better with others.

Adopt relaxation techniques, such as meditation, deep breathing or yoga, to reduce symptoms and allow better control of impulses.

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