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6" Lilt of exhibit*— Continued Supplemental exhibit I— Declaration of John Kind* Supplemental exhibit 2— Declaration of Tomoko Tarii Supplemental exhibit'S— Declaration pf Kax^i Onuki .-. HATCH, A VS., SENATOR PROM THE STATE OF UTAH, CHAIRMAN, SUBCOMMITTEE ON ' THE CONSTITUTION v * • Senator Hatch. Connection Wtth Suspected Violation of ~ Tax Laws' 1 dated July 18, 1^ . The Nature of the Church and- Its ^iationship With Government, a ^ statement by the Lutheran Council of the- U. A ~ Statement to the House Committee on Government Operations, dated March 4, 1983 A _ Statement to the House Committee on the Judiciary, dated March 9, Statement to the Senate Co&mittee 6n &i Tju&^^ Buchanan, John: . Takei i Kamiyama by Attorney Kinko Sato, August 25 19S4 t ♦....» o£i M-Report"of 1 Kinko' Sato' entitirf "bn' the Grand Jury Investigation of » Mr Kamivamas Conduct in. ST Courts •■; ::r ^i ' ""C t D~ Affidavit of Robert E. Manabu Fukuda, Interpreting Branch of the Language Services Division of the U S. K— Ksnko Sato's brief personal history •• ;v " L— interview of Mr Eisuke Sasagawa on his ^translation of jury hearing of Mr. The right of every man to be free from governmental coercion or inter- / ference in his personal relationship with his Creator is -fundamen-^ tal to our free and democratic wky of life. , ~~ v As historian Sanfotd Cobb has so accurately observed: Among all the benefits to mankind to which this soil has given rite, this pure reli- gious liberty may be justly rated as the? Supplemental exhibit 4 — Declaration of Yukxko Matsumura * Supplementakexhibit 5— Affidavit ahl, clerks (Subcommittee on the 'Constitution); and Dick Bowman, counsel (Committee on the Judiciary). Ladies and gentlemen, this hearing will now come to order We are here in the capacity of the Senate Judiciary, Committee's Subcommittee on ti^e Constitution, Which I chaii\ to * conduct an oversight hearing on the state of religious liberty in America today, • This is a subject of monumental significance to our Republic.

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Appendices include additional submissions for the record from the Unification Church; a letter to Senator Hatch from Edward Ca'nf ield, with a list of exhibits; and additional statements from Richard Gravely, International Society for Krishna Consciousness; Dr. (IS) ************************************^***************** ***************** * Reproductions supplied by EDRS are the best that can be made * * * from the original document. SUBCOMMITTEE ON THE CONSTITUTION OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE JUDICIARY UNITED STATES SENATE NINETY-EIGHTH CONGRESS SECOND SESSION . LEAHY, Varment # MAX BAUCUS, Montana HOWELL HEFLIN, Alabama ARLEN SPECTER. » „ CHRONOLOGICAL LIST OF WITNESSES %i ■ * Trite, Prof. Yoder that: Only those interests of the highest order and those not otherwise served can over- balance legitimate claims to the free exercise of religion.

Senate-r Hrg-98-1258 26 Jun 84 84Qp.;^ Contains- small print throughout . Included in the proceedings are prepared statements, testimony , letters, and additional materials submitted. Stanard- III, Church of Scientology, with the Church of Scientology Creed; and letters and enclosures *sent to the committee. Wyoming JOHN P EAST, North Carolina CHARLES E GRASSLEY, kma % % JEREMIAH DENTON, Alabama JOSEPH R- BTOEN^*., Delaware EDWARD M. BYRD, West Virginia HOWARD M % METZENBAUM, Ohio - DENNIS Dj CONONL Arizona PATRICK J. With respect to the free exercise clause, the Supreme Court stated in Wisconsin v.

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DOCUMENT RESUME ED 257* 762 TITLE INSTITUTION REPORT NO PUB DATE NOTE AVAILABLE FROM PUB TYPE EDRS PRICE DESCRIPTORS SO U16 579 Issues in Religious Liberty. * *********************************************************************** i 1 , • ; 9 ERIC S. OK OVERSIGHT ON THE STATE OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IN AMERICA TODAY 1 * s VNE 28, 1 984 Serial No, J-9S-124 * ♦_ Printed for the use of the Committee on the Judiciary * VS. Pennsylvania Vinton De V*ne 1^** Chief Couneei and Staff Directof Doqiak K. Laurence H., Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA; and Wi Uiam •B. _ SUevenv Paster Everett Faith Baptist Church, Louisville, NE; and Dr "Greg Dixon; National Chairman of Unregistered Churches, Indianapolis, IN Bergstrom, Rev. Wiliiston, VT ALPHABETICAL LIST AND MATERIALS SUBMITTED Ball, Wiliiajn R : # Testimony _ _ Responses of Mr. in other decisions, the Court held in 1962 that a prayer composed by New York State* school officials for voluntary recital in the public schools constituted an unconstitutional establishment of reli- gion; in 19^1 that Maryland's Sunday closing laws did not consti- tute such an establishment of religion, in 1981 that a State univer- sity in Missouri could not, without violating the establishment clause, allow equal access to a student religious group to schoo) fa- cilities used by other groups, and finally, in this year, 1984, arid I am only hitting a smattering of the cases, that a Christian nativity scene paid for out of public funds and sponsored by a municipality does not represent an unconstitutional establishment violation.

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