Adult breastfeeding live chat room

You can choose to talk via our text chat option or you can even connect a webcam and talk face to face with other users. Some girls will want to come into the chat room to experiment with their sexuality.Do not judge them and please be very welcoming to these people.We both normally drift in and out of sleep while she does this and then when she returns to her bed we are both so relaxed we both fall into a deep sleep!

She said that I was quite busty even as a 14 year old and was even more busty now.

Tonight when I arrived at her house after work we had a blissful session of her sucking one tit and then the other quite strongly for half an hour each.

She has now gone to bed and I am about about to have dinner and go to sleep also.

I tend to sleep in her spare room or on her sofa bed in the living room.

She comes to me in the night to suck sometimes and I wake up to feel her greedily sucking away which I do not mind.

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