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While Harris took a stand not to date until he was ready for marriage, many young people took anti-dating to an extreme, deciding not to date until they believed they identified “the one.” Then and only then could courting enter in.

The definitions of both dating and courtship are similar.

Live and date with the intention to meet and make lasting relationships, whether that relationship turns into marriage or not.

Marcus Keenan, who married his fiancé the day after they graduated from college in 2014, said young adults today should meet many different people, because “you won’t know if they are someone you could marry if you won’t get to know them in the first place.” Let’s focus on making our lives and relationships more meaningful overall.

Getting over a breakup is rarely easy, but her words resonated with me in an uncomfortable way. As the Creator of humankind and the world’s first matchmaker, God can teach us more than a few things about finding the person who is right for us.

While many are quick to repeat the cliché that we have to be happy alone before we will be happy with someone else, few of us see ourselves remaining alone forever. Second, instead of fixating on being single or on finding someone, seek to really know yourself.

As he went on to contrast how his two sons were taking advantage of this most expensive dating service, I sat back to nurse my shock.

Didn’t we go to college to, you know, get a degree?

However, many stories have since surfaced from people hurt by the more extreme view of not dating anyone until you believe God presented “the one.” Tales emerged from those who never dated and are still single in their late 30s and early 40s, and other stories come from those who married the first person they courted, only to divorce.y eyes blazed and my mouth dropped open in shock at what I had just heard.“I’m serious,” repeated the gentleman leading out the adult Sabbath School class.“Adventist education is the most expensive dating service you can pay for.”At first I thought he was joking, but the concerned father was, as he put it, serious.Years later, when he was researching his article, he went back and asked Grandma why she said what she said.She then broke down the difference between dating and going steady as she understood it.

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