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at first but—holy moly—the sex got a fuck of a lot better after the wedding," I wrote in my response to IMDONE.I did allow for the possibility that my sample was skewed; people with good sex lives don't write to tell me everything's fine.We'd been dating only a year and a half when we got engaged, and we'd known each other less than two years.I was a virgin, my wife was not, together we hadn't gotten much past second base, and neither of us had laid our kink cards on the table.I strongly suspect that perseverance and a bit of luck were also major factors.Practice, Practice, Practice My sex life improved after marriage.My wife has been incredibly GGG, and I hope I have been, too. Now you know there's at least one couple out there whose sex life has only gotten better over the years.Better Erotic Ties Totally Enhanced Relationship Last week, I responded to IMDONE, a woman who married a man despite the sex being "infrequent and impersonal" during their courtship.

He writes a twice-monthly column called “Consider the Source” for School Library Journal in which he shares his ongoing observations about books, education, reading, nonfiction, and more.

Here is a clip of him speaking about this lineage in London.

He is working with his wife the author Marina Budhos on further research.

So I invited people whose so-so sex lives improved after the wedding to write in.

And did they ever: My inbox is packed with e-mails from couples whose sex lives got better after the wedding. But we were both in our early 40s and ready to settle down.

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