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I have always felt a kinship with gay men because of this.But the blogs and web pages listed here are those that reflect my sexual tastes and my tastes don't run to men.The lesbian blogs are here because, like these woman, I am a lesbian (I just happen to have a penis).So far I have not run into any gay spanking blogs, but I know that there is an active community of gay spankos.What I find fascinating about this list of web page links is that the vast majority are written by women.Most of these women are bottoms (e.g., they get spanked, in contrast to tops who give spankings).

Many of the bloggers linked to here have some measure of Mc Phee's skill (Mc Phee has few equals, even among professional writers).

Greta Christina, who wrote the fantastic novella Bending pointed to the above quote on her Blowfish Blog entry Christian Spanking Porn that they will obey and agree that disobedience will result in a punishment spanking. It is a very different thing to say that because of someone's gender they will be treated like a child and given a punishment spanking when they do not obey because this is what the Bible says.

The DD lifestyle also seems heavily based on religious and political views that I find abhorrent (e.g., "Christian Right" Republicans who support G. Bush, the worst president in the history of the United States).

I find it strange that I have not seen links to gay spanking blogs, so perhaps the gay spanking community is disjoint from the heterosexual and lesbian spanking community (perhaps a topic for a social networking research paper).

There are some types of spanking blogs and web sites that are not included here.

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