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Have the person you're chatting with read a short book.

In fact, you may want to introduce videochatting to your family (if they haven't discovered it already.) Studies show that babies can tell the difference between video-chatting and other kinds of video (such as TV shows), so it's a great way to build cross-generational relationships or bond with a relative who's away.The American Academy of Pediatrics says videochatting is OK for toddlers as young as 18 months.It's really no different from talking to a family member on the phone -- and it's actually easier to involve babies and toddlers in video-chatting since they can respond to facial expressions better than verbal language alone.Try Love Books for Little Ones, Best Books for Toddlers, and Best Baby Books. Easy, entertaining activities such as peek-a-boo, color-naming, and shape-matching increase the bonding potential.I think that it shouldn't be counted as screen time.

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