Adult web cab meeting

Leslie Schultz is involved with trainings that are being planned for those who are considering or are committed to direct actions of moral resistance in Albany.

First Baptist members Baruch, Leslie and Linda Nicholson have committed to participate in direct action.

More recently other art works have been added, and on April 22, 2018 the Adult Education hour provided an opportunity for four of the artists to describe their displayed works.

These included lingtime friend of First Baptist, John Lyon Paul, whose painting from his Pilgrimage series is shown at the right.

Because of the threatening rain, we had to march without our sound system -- Rich Barron played the song Where One is Poor that Dave Caughey had written for the occasion from the audio system in the cab of his truck (has your hearing recovered yet, Rich? If you'd like to hear the song, you can find Dave's You Tube version by clicking on the image at the right.

Members and friends of the First Baptist Church marched in the Ithaca Festival Parade on Friday, June 1.

For every one person who participates in direct moral resistance, there is a need for 3-4 others to provide support, prayers, bail money, care for children, and more.

We all are encouraged to show up for mass meetings, vigils, demonstrations, and educational events.

As your pastor, I have begun participating in phone calls about organization of faith communities in our area to become knowledgeable about the campaign and to connect with other like-minded communities.

The First Baptist Cabinet approved a motion to ask the congregation to vote on whether to become an endorsing organization.

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