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so the top and bottom cowl essentially touch, but don't overlap.

My question is, did the cowl design change at some point, or is trimming this flange off a bad idea and Vans just updated the drawings.

battery available for sale by fourth quarter of this year! Below is what that area looks like from page 36-06 that Nova_RV refers to. into a rising Sun around 0800 had me (and other locals) commenting on the radio, and wondering in the back of our minds if flying was such a good idea. The more I was around it putting it back together, the more I loved it.

" Apparently, there is a missing step in the RV-12i S instructions. Well I know better than to say my plane is finished with out adding a ? The three of us would not be as successful as we are if it werent for you.

You have to countersink or enlarge the holes on the three plastic "holders" for the fuel lines through the main channel. Pulling those lines out to be able to get the plastic doohickeys off the large "studs" is going to make my day. Even if I do that, however, that looks like a REAAAALLLLLLY small clearance between the filter bypass line and the flaperon mixture arm. We wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate each and every one of you. We consider ourselves specialists in this field because we insure around 2000 RVs and this is the majority of what we handle day after day.

i realised that the alu tube i purchased will prevent me from squeezing the rivets, so i'm going to get an angle instead today and match drill that.

I am still working up the courage to have a go at the trailing edge in the next day or so - i think if i start in the centre and clamp / cleco the wedge keeping it aligned with the straight edge of the angle i should be ok? I recently got a updated version of the preview plans on USB.

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