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There are now dozens of similar websites offering the promise of extramarital relationships with domain names that are unabashedly direct, from For Noel Biderman, the founder of Ashley Madison, his site and others like it are merely facilitating a human desire that is as old as time."No one can show me a culture on the planet where infidelity doesn't happen," Biderman told AFP.When she discovered that her much older husband had been cheating on her, she set about avenging the infidelity through adultery websites.Young and old, men and women, rich or poor, frequenters of adultery sites come from all backgrounds, with a clear majority of users being men in their 40s, according to Ashley Madison.Avid chief executive Rob Segal and president James Millership apologized for the security vulnerabilities that divulged the personal information.They have plans to spend millions to improve security, and they’re also looking at payment options that offer more privacy.

We gave each other space to do our own little things, but when we were together, I was full of bliss because I couldn't have asked for a better spouse.Former chief executive Noel Biderman stepped down after the leak.Since then, the new executives have been trying to revive the brand.While over 20 million male customers had checked their inboxes at least once, only 1,492 women had, Newitz found.The site had apparently created its first fembot—Sensuous Kitten—as early as 2002.

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