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He is now a confirmed participant who is testifying as a witness against the other criminals involved in this crime - the primary criminal leader being Radhanatha Swami.

His words now cannot simply be brushed aside and labeled as the rantings of an angry ex-cult member.

This elevates Janmashtami Das' statements to those of a co-conspirator and direct eyewitness, testifying against other criminals whom he worked under.

This is the most serious revelation in Tirtha Das' recent letter.

They have given him official recognition in ISKCON as a leading preacher in ISKCON prison ministries, they have published his own books through ISKCON, they have written the introduction to his book, and they have personally tried to visit him many times in jail. What is their close intimate connection with the murderer Tirtha Das?

Are they also some of the co-conspirators he has been covering for all these years?

There were other further shocking revelations from Tirtha Das' letter, admissions he has never made up till date:1) There was a large conspiracy involving many people, for whom he took the blame to shield them:"The only reason Janmastami was not prosecuted and sent to prison was because I shielded him from the authorities." – Tirtha Das, Confession Letter, December 24, 2006Who else did you shield from the authorities?Who were the leaders who gave you the order to kill Sulochan, whom you shielded?The eye witness testimony of Janmashtami Das says that Radhanatha Swami is the main person you are shielding, and that would explain why Radhanatha Swami tried to meet with you in prison multiple times (as stated in your previous letter).From your public admission regarding Janmashtami Das' involvment in the murder conspiracy it is clear that he directly knows who were involved and who gave the order to kill Sulochana, and he is pointing all fingers directly at Radhanatha Swami, one of the main leaders of New Vrindavana at the time of the murder.2) Till the present date he has not honestly told everything he knows about this ghastly crime.Today he is admitting there was a conspiracy with other members involved, whereas in the past he has denied this.

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