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Kingston and his huge dick are back and ready to play!Lucky for him, it’s Kellan that gets to be the first one on campus that he has his way with! He drops to his knees and giving his massive member the deep-throating it deserves.Theyre still trying to figure what works best for the gay gaze.Yeah, I don’t have any real problems with the CF roster–it’s probably the best they’ve ever had as far as hot looking guys–but they performances are often bland, unemotional/detached and the camera work awful. Youre the one coming at me at 8 am in the fuckin morning.These two are both in heaven once Kingston slides into Kellan’s tight, muscular ass.First he takes it slow and lets Kellan ride him, before flipping him over onto his back and plowing him silly. This hot fuck builds from slaps on the ass to a little choking.Kellan hasn’t been playing around since he returned.’s lust for that Dick was palpable throughout the entire vid.

I very much agree, there are some models who will excel in an open porn environment, and there are others who need that closed-off experience.

Next time, keep your passive-aggressive BS to yourself. They wrote something about how Nick Jonas used to be that sweet boy who would let you borrow his pen in class. I still mourn the loss of countless models throughout the years that never returned for gay action! And I need to see how Lane is going to handle this budding Max/Elian relationship. Exactly and who the fuck does quinn think he is for saying kellan used to have good looks and he doesnt get what people see in him because he doesnt lift,kellan has both a good body and a good face while quinn only have a good body going for him IMO Kellan and Quinn are both good looking guys with great bodies, although Quinn’s body is more muscular. Quinn should stop with the gossipy comments about other models. Quinn’s handsome enough (though he looks a bit like Paul Ryan), but from the neck-up he’s no Kellan.

Now he’s the guy who lifts, drinks protein shakes and sends you nightly texts at 3 a.m. Ricky was heading towards irrelevancy when he came out of the closet. Shawn is still hot, so he’ll keep the thirsty girls who’ll dream of him having a bisexual moment. A non-white model being brought back at Corbin Fisher??? I’m laughing to myself at the numerous racist subscribers at CF most likely clutching their pearls and saying, “There goes the neighborhood.” This looks hot as hell. You know good and well Tommy got his brows togevah. Kellan has the kind of looks that just draw your attention. He looked spectacular on that MTV karaoke show (and he actually had a half-decent voice, too).

I’m planning on sending him some Black Soap for Christmas. The issue was first brought up a while back, when he was still on the site. It became a proven reality when Clark started showing his ass (and literally his ex’s ass) online. Idk if that was when that Tory girl was around and claiming to know Clark(then Sebastian) and everything about him, and being friends with him and people were arguing her down about it. Now now, are you insinuating I would be making fun of his courageously brave 9 year recovery from a minor routine collar bone surgery? I was thinking of the noose in relation to the race discussion. Why go through that much effort when you can simply throw up an Only Stans jo vid and talk about all the hot guy models you want to pretend fuck?

We talked about it on one of the posts, which turned into quite the shit show. Monica…LOL was exactly during that time. Social media is the noose these guys can’t help but keep reaching for. Like A) just don’t be a bigot in the first place, but B) if you’re this messy on your OWN platform with your OWN pre-approved words, how ignorant is the shit they keep to themselves? Yeah, I was done at that time, just completely fed up with the BS, the over zealous, belligerent drama, the attacking. Because I would never imply an aimless, once-moderately attractive 20-something year-old would ever think of pandering to gay men on twitter for sympathy and a couple dollars for next month’s rent. My only (very minor) complaint with Kellan since his return? He used to slurp cum down like it was going out of style!

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and to think he said he’s always been cool with him.

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