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By the early 16th century, this style of poetry, generally known as (“divine”), was practiced by such sheikh-poets as İbrahim Gülşeni and his son Gülşenîzâde Hayali as well as Muslihiddin Merkez, Muhiddin Uftade, Seyyid Seyfullah Nizamoğlu, and Aziz Mahmud Hüdâyî.

The growth during the 16th and 17th centuries of this type of poetry, which was intended to be sung in the I was seeking a cure for my trouble; My trouble became my cure.

were the same for both Persian and Ottoman varieties.

After 1839, Western ideas and forms were taken up by a group of modernists.In the 20th century major studies of the text were undertaken in Turkey, Russia, and Azerbaijan as well as in Europe. In its formal qualities his poetry is closely related to folk verse, and he generally treats lyrical themes without the mystical subtext that was common in courtly verse of the period. The great 17th-century poet Nâʾilî was the first to include such songs in his divan (collected works), a practice that reached its culmination in the following century with Ahmed Nedim.The outstanding By the middle of the 13th century, mystical (Sufi) poetry had become a major branch of Turkish literature, with Sufi poets working primarily in Anatolian Turkish.Despite changes in language and culture from the Mongol and Ottoman periods to the emergence of modern-day Turkey, Turkish literature has remained an important means of expression for the Turkish-speaking peoples of Anatolia and the adjacent areas of the Balkans.Much of this region’s literary activity has centred on Istanbul, its central urban metropolis since the mid-15th century.

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