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Dating should have an honorable purpose—to help a young man and woman determine if they want to get married to each other.Granted, some of your peers might take a casual view of dating.When the time comes, you’ll be oh so glad you waited to dip your toe into the pool of dating.”For some non-therapeutic advice, I came up with some points based on a lot of trial and error.You used to envision what your future kids would look like, and maybe you even used that i Tunes app, Future baby's face , to put both your pictures in to get a preview (don’t go do it now, btw! No longer obsessing over his or her every move (on- and offline) is a telltale sign that your psyche has been filled with other thoughts, like your friends or that hot guy you met at a party last week.If you are not feeling good about yourself or about life, then work on getting your game back before you think about playing the field.When you feel good about yourself, genuinely good about yourself, get out there and start dating.Basically, even at this point I don’t trust myself to make such a decision.

For some people, that happens before they move out.

(Also, why are you looking at his or her pics, anyway? No matter where you went, like the local grocery store where you two had shopped together, you found yourself in a puddle of tears. I know, you’re trying to move on and the pictures are still there, begging to be seen or stalked at 2 a.m. (You can either hide the pictures or delete them, your call; do whatever it takes to focus on someone new, not live in the past.)That’s right, you won’t do it anymore.

We all online-stalk someone at some point (dating or not, breakup or not), but when we don’t even have the inclination anymore, it’s a sure-fire sign we’re ready to start anew. We’ve probably all been on those dates where you—or the person you’re out with—goes on and on about their ex.

But you can​—you must—​rise above that kind of thinking! So before you’re ready to focus on one particular person, you need to take time to study a very important “subject”—how to build friendships.

(Romans 12:2) After all, the Bible urges you to “flee from sexual immorality.” (1 Corinthians , Being pressured to date before you’re ready would be like being forced to take a final exam for a course that you’ve barely started. You need time to study your subject so that you can become familiar with the kind of problems you’ll face in the test. Later, when you meet the right person, you’ll be in a better position to build a solid relationship.

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“They come to view relationships as transitory—which in a sense prepares them for divorce rather than for marriage.” Clearly, when you date someone, you’re affecting that person’s feelings. Think: Would you like someone to play with your feelings as if they were some child’s toy—to be picked up for a moment and then quickly abandoned? The Bible says that love “does not behave indecently.”—1 Corinthians 13:4, 5.

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