Alberta is home to three of Boone and Crockett's Top Ten typical and non-typical record setting Whitetail bucks; no other single state or province on the continent has more deer on the list!Those who really know Whitetail deer hunting will tell you the same thing.This has succeeded in creating more hunting opportunities for trophy Whitetail than ever before.In fact, the Alberta government's Sustainable Resource Development department focuses specifically on developing sustainable infrastructures for hunting and fishing habitat.An example of the kind of work being done recently in Alberta is the Recreational Access Management Program (RAMP). Create an access management partnership between landowners and hunters and anglers. Improve public recreational hunting and fishing access opportunities on private land. Provide assistance to landowners to enhance working agricultural landscapes that provide quality habitat and hunting and fishing opportunities.

Some hardy palms can be cultivated in areas with low temperatures slightly below this range when given wind sheltering (planted on the south side of a building).

In the USA, hardy palm cultivation is generally attempted from USDA zones 6b/7a southward.

In very cold winter areas below zone 6b, cold hardy palms have been cultivated by partially (or completely) covering plants with mini-green house coverings and wraps.

A few palms are native to higher elevations of south Asia where true winter conditions occur, while a few others are native to the warmer parts of the temperate zone in North America.

A few of these temperate climate palms can tolerate hard freezes with little or no damage.

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