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On those apps, only you know how many people liked you back; it’s not public knowledge (salvaging your integrity).

Hot or Not plans to blow all that up in order to find the “hottest people in America.” Fourteen years after Hot or Not was invented, it’s trying to beat everyone else at its own vapid game.

The Hot or Not site had no association with the show, but it certainly created an appetite for such media.

But Hot or Not’s biggest contribution to the way we live our lives today was the gamification of attractiveness.

Hinge feels less sketchy because you get matched up with your Facebook friends' friends. Ok Cupid proved itself to be nothing but a barrage of unwanted and often gross messages.

The concept also spawned a short-lived reality television show, .

The show, which premiered the same year as Face Mash in 2003, featured a panel of judges who would rate contestant’s physical attractiveness.

Even the interface is game-like: the stacked photos on Tinder look like a deck of cards.

The swiping is so easy, people play without even thinking about it—like 2048 or Candy Crush.

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Dating apps have already flooded the market with ways to rate people, and now Hot or Not is trying to look more like them.

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