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Inaanyayahan po namin kayong dumalo sa aming gaganaping Ang Dating Daan Bible Exposition sa darating na ika-3 ng Abril.Ito po ay gaganapin sa Isla Ballroom, EDSA Shangri-La, Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City at magpapasimula sa ganap na alas-sais ng gabi.Alongside these things was the frustration that, despite all the awards and accolades I got from the University, I still lacked my parents’ approval – something that I so wished to have.A week before Recognition Day 2007, I was graduating then. He is the one preacher I heard who shouted in the strongest of voices in reproof of foolishness.I then applied as a student assistant so I could pay my way through college.This time I didn’t have any vices, I focused on my work and my studies.

This was until vacation in 2006 when I stayed with my sister who was already a church member at that time. Eli Soriano on a taped debate where the first impression I have of him is a very brave, intelligent and very logical debater.Way back in my elementary years I remember reading the New Testament Bible from start to finish, and being comforted by the act, I told myself that even if I didn’t understand some of the verses, God will bring the explanation in His own time.That zeal to read the Bible and follow the practices of my Baptist faith grew lukewarm, then cold, after I experienced a lot of trials starting in high school.I never thought the religion I grew up with, is actually not the true religion found in the Bible!Like a sapling that experienced being watered after having been sprinkled with various polluted liquids, I was shocked and resistant. Eli were very precious, and I never heard them from any other preacher.

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