Are annie and jeff dating season 4

It suddenly seemed like a no-brainer; why hadn’t Community done a heist episode?

With Chang as an insane dictator who has kidnapped the dean, has taken over the college, and is genuinely planning to blow it up, this just might be the show at its most ridiculous and unrealistic, especially considering the first season had episodes with plots about studying Spanish and joining football teams.

Something Seinfeld became basically the poster child for, it’s when multiple seemingly dissimilar plotlines somehow all intersect by episode’s end.

Here, we learn how Abed has been making films about his friends that appear to predict what they will do next: this includes Annie and Jeff kissing, Pierce being declared a genius, and Shirley getting chased down by a werewolf.

It’s just such an intensely bizarre concept to tackle such dissimilar (though, I suppose, both quite chatty) films and it perfectly captures a number of the important details from both.

If you’ve seen Andre, the tone of this homage is shockingly on point and the Pulp Fiction side of the episode becomes largely centered, as it should, on a mysterious briefcase (which, here, contains Jeff’s birthday present for Abed).

And that bit manages, as only Community can, to be simultaneously stupid and moving.

I’ll admit this feels like sort of an odd one to choose.

It’s amazing this episode works at all, let alone works as incredibly well as it does.

On the DVD commentary, Dan Harmon seems to kind of dismiss it as an average episode, but it managed to hit a lot of right notes with me.

Maybe it was because it was coming right off the heels of a two-parter about a giant blanket and pillow fort war and was an episode with a much smaller, simpler scope.

Speaking of which, hearing the name “Blade” makes Troy and Abed think of the movie Blade, so, throughout the episode, they’re watching it.

Dean Pelton is around as well, mostly for comic relief and gives the astute sum-up of the film: “Boy, this guy doesn’t give vampires a square inch of leeway.” Pierce and Chang get a silly, throwaway plotline in this one, too.

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Abed’s prophetic films are a brilliant device because Jeff and Annie kissing isn’t even something either of them conceives of until they’re made aware of Abed’s prediction, which suddenly renders their attraction to each other plausible.

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