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She saves his life and his grades, and Harry just genuinely likes her, but she can’t soothe the hurt the way Ron’s humor and fun-loving, kind nature do.Both Ron and Hermione hate Divination, but while Hermione walks out, Ron sticks through it with Harry, and it’s his presence that actually makes the class - and the ridiculous dream diary homework - enjoyable.“Right, you've got a crooked sort of cross..." He consulted Unfogging the Future. so you're going to suffer but be very happy...""You need your Inner Eye tested, if you ask me," said Ron, and they both had to stifle their laughs as Professor Trelawney gazed in their direction.Yet perhaps it was her aversion to fame that led to their romance, as she was able to look past the fan clubs and see his kindness and chivalry — and, yes, his athletic good looks.Reality: I can't imagine that a fiercely private star like Watson would want to date a fellow celebrity, especially someone as famous — or infamous — as Prince Harry. Harry Potter: It may have taken them seven years, but Hermione and Ron were always meant to be together.Let me repeat that: Emma Watson, feminist goddess of Harry Potter and "He For She" fame, is rumored to be dating the most eligible bachelor/best looking ginger in the world, Prince Harry. Then, when it's all sunk in, start screaming, because it's the only proper response to such world-shattering news.Because let's be real: Watson and Harry might just be the best celebrity pairing since, well, ever.It's just that this is the greatest rumor of all time, and unless someone proves that it's false, I'm going to enjoy all the possibilities their romance has to offer.What makes the potential of a Watson-Harry relationship so great isn't just the fact that they're both beautiful super-humans, though, although that's certainly a large factor.

Going through intense periods in life with a person strengthens the bond between the two of you and develops a strong foundation for a relationship. They argued Sometimes, the sign of a healthy relationship can be whether or not a couple argues. When true friendship is at the core of a relationship it has all the better chance of succeeding. They are protective of each other Whenever one of them was in trouble, the other one was always the first to go out of their way to protect and to help them, even if it meant a sacrifice on their part. Relationships thrive when both people make up for each other’s flaws. They challenge each other Ron and Hermione were constantly pushing each other to be better (“it’s Levi Osa, not Levios AR! When couples bring the best out of each other, it helps both of you to be better people and makes the relationship more likely to last. Despite this, they find a way to overcome these shortcomings and accept the other person for who they are and love them because of it. After playing a deadly game of wizards chess, being attacked by giant spiders, chased by a werewolf, stalked by a group of Death Eaters, and coming face to face with Voldemort himself, it’s fair to say Ron and Hermione have been through a lot. They already knew each other’s quirks and loved each other for them. They complemented each other’s personalities Ron needed someone with a bit of brain power to keep him from constantly getting into trouble, and Hermione needed a bit of Ron’s realistic outlook to keep her grounded. Ron has no filter and says some stupid things; Hermione has a tendency to be bossy and controlling.To be able to express each other’s feelings and to work out a solution to problems together is far better than bottling it all up, and none argued more than Ron and Hermione! I don’t think it’s fair to argue that one is a “better friend” when they both are completely different things to Harry, but I’ll play ball.From Harry’s point of view, at least, Ron is leagues ahead of Hermione in this department.

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