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I was looking hard for the right person, which indirectly put way too much pressure on my relationships.

I took things too seriously and couldn’t just date and have fun with it.

So, it's not surprising that a lot of men end up getting lonely and unable to find quality advice.

Part of the issues that men face when dating is that they don't know where to turn for advice—and often end up turning to the wrong sources.

love of love), New York-based designer friends Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh embarked on a now-infamous experiment: they dated each other for 40 days and recorded their experiences for the whole Internet to see. ), but because it was illustrated with bold typographic artwork by Walsh, one-half of design studio Sagmeister & Walsh, and Goodman, who runs his own T. It’s also being turned into a movie by Warner Bros., to be directed by Michael Sucsy (, has just been published by Abrams. Design caught up with Walsh and Goodman about design as therapy, risk-taking in both work and love, and their hard-won dating wisdom.

I didn’t want to fall too quickly and get my heart broken again.

TG: The project enabled me to be more honest with myself about wanting to find a relationship with someone worth it, someone great. It’s given me a greater capacity to be open and vulnerable.

I guess my only advice would be, if you’re wondering about dating a good friend, I’d say go for it.

Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to love and relationships.

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