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You want him to think your happiness is completely within his power to achieve and the reason you get mad sometimes is because of something he did. If anything needs to be gotten rid of due to lack of space like furniture, appliances, bedding, etc., make sure he gets rid of HIS things.Tell him that moving in with him would make you feel happy and secure while simultaneously claiming you’re nervous and apprehensive because you’ve been left homeless in the past, and say things like, “I knew this was gonna happen, I always get screwed over” and “I should never have moved in with you” and “Why didnt you tell me this before I moved in? Tell him that there’s just not enough room for both your furniture and that your items are nicer.You don’t want to jeopardize the most powerful tool of manipulation and control. Rinse, Wash, Repeat and Put Him on a Long Silken Leash.Keep up steps 1, 2 and 3 for 3-4 months — depending on your victim’s level of co-dependency and the degree of dirty of sex you’re willing to have with him.Men and women who frequent Shrink4Men often remark upon how alike each other’s experiences of female perpetrated abuse are. Once you secure a relationship with your new victim, drag your ex-boyfriend through the mud.Recently, more and more information is becoming available on male victims of abuse. Show him you are a resposible, rational, hard-working adult woman. Tell the new guy all the horrible things your ex did to you.

This is a crucial test in preparation for the subsequent steps for control and manipulation.Continue the occasional rant along with the daily maintenance abuse like minor silent treatments, sarcasm, eye rolling and once every couple days, shrug off his attempts at affection to prepare him for the next phase. To ensure he is firmly and willingly under your control, tell him things he can do to make you happy (*they don’t have to be true).If done correctly, that as soon as he figures you out and proves his loyalty and devotion, you will be happy and the occasional rants and maintenance abuse will stop.c) Once you “catch” him on something, call him out on it.Exaggerate what he did because it probably wasn’t bad enough to deserve what youre going to throw at him.

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Despite what most feminist domestic violence and gender ideologues claim, men are victims of intimate partner violence at comparable rates to women. A.” (the comments in bold and italics are written by me — Dr T — apologies for my editorial liberties, S. When you first meet your new victim, tell him what a great guy he is. Don’t forget to tell your new victim that you stayed with your ex for so long because you “will do anything to make a relationship work, even if it meant wearing a frog costume for role play sex.” Use those exact words.

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