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It's frustrating and emasculating for Asian males.

In recent years I have been noticing an increase in the number of younger Asian male-White female couples, as well as non-traditional interracial couples of all combinations.

Upon reflection, I realize what made the interaction surprising is that the lady is White.

Later I'll usually discover the White female is in or has had some earlier romantic relationship with a non-White male.

once you’ve finished downloading the Action Checklist PDF, kindly refrain from sharing the download with anyone else. Instead, we will go deep into the understanding of the female psyche, and more importantly, how to exploit the weaknesses in the female psychology for our benefit. Once you’ve understood the basic concepts of Mind Control (covered in the online Masterclass), you’ll realize just how easy this game can be, and you’ll laugh at how ineffective Pickup Artist crap can be. And don’t be afraid to call her out on her bullshit. Be careful: she will lose interest in you and might even start to nce your power in the relationship is intact, you need to start taking control of her thoughts using Mind Control techniques. Whether something is “right” or “wrong” – I’ll leave that to you.

You see, this material is strictly a controlled item, and whoever who wants it will need to come here to request it. Remember that it is entirely alright to continue to flirt with her, However, don’t make it seem like you are trying too hard into getting her to like you back. Some may frown on using these “covert” tactics because they may seem to be rather insidious, and to some, . 🙂 These tactics are so effective that they can successfully hack into the female mind and get women to fall for you in no time.

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