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Keeping our heads down and burying these truths keep us strong and indefatigable.But spoken aloud, hopefully these truths can offer strength to the others out there to know they're not alone, and compassion from those whose futures look a little lighter than ours.When we don't have a place for them to go every day while I have to work so we can survive.I hear my friends talking about the day when they'll become empty-nesters and can live out their dreams of travel and hobbies and reconnection with their spouse.

I made new dreams for myself and believed that, with my husband, we could somehow create a different vision for our life that could be as equally fulfilling.

My friends are now able to leave their kids home alone on a PA day; they can go out for a drink after work and might even find dinner on the table that their teen put in the oven.

Some can even go to a cottage for the weekend and leave their kids home alone as long as they check in. Any other respite I get will cost money I don't have, and any money I get for the specific purpose of respite is used for the necessary after-school care or taking kids to appointments.

These are the tough, but real, conversations behind the brave face of parenting teens with special needs: Caregiving. When even going to the bathroom means you can't do it in privacy; when you can't put in a load of laundry for fear that someone will break something or stick a finger in an electric socket in your absence.

I've been thinking a lot about what words can best describe my role when it comes to my twins. My boys are now 15, and because of the challenges they face associated with having autism, they still require the same assistance and hyper-vigilant monitoring that a toddler would. Maybe you're a parent, or even a pet owner, who knows what it's like to not have a minute to yourself.

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