Average age for girls to start dating

Environmental toxins also cause many girls to develop breasts at an earlier age than in the past.

Compared with 20 years ago, American girls today begin developing breasts anywhere from one month to four months earlier, a significant difference.

The mother of one 8-year-old wrote that her daughter “is a very sexual being.Today, that number has plummeted to less than 13, according to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.The trend has been attributed to the epidemic of overweight children and a greater exposure to pollution, which does bad things to developing bodies and accelerates the timing of a girl’s first menstruation.Although she does not by definition understand what ‘sexiness’ means, she exhibits a very particular awareness of her body and wants other people to notice her.” Another mother observed, “It is really as if my 6-year-old has a 12-year-old trapped in her body.”In girls, puberty is commonly defined as breast development, growth of pubic hair and menarche, the beginning of the menstrual cycle.At the turn of the 20th century, the average age for an American girl to get her period was 16 to 17.

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“This gap between when the brain is easily aroused and when the braking is in place creates a period of vulnerability.” With puberty occurring at a younger age, this period begins earlier, when a girl may be inadequately prepared.

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