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The 'browser detection feature' and number is the number of known browsers for which different versions/ids of same browser are grouped by default in one browser name.** AWStats can detect robots visits: All robots among the most common are detected, list is in (250Kb).I've put it inside my log file format in IIS and include all the required fields, as shown in the following screenshot: If you have old log files you want to parse, now is the right time to do it.With the help of this Stack Overflow answer, I've come up with the following steps: in all 3 occurrences with your own site name.

So Webalizer config file was completed with this file, Analog config file was completed with this file.

If is available from command line after the installation, you can be sure it completed successfully.

The next step is downloading the latest version of AWStats.

So AWStats, considers only HTML pages to count unique visitors.

This decrease the error (not totally, because it's always possible that a proxy server download one HTML frame and another one download another frame).

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Sawmill Analytics allows you to choose what you define as a visitor - by default the client IP is used, but you can use a cookie (persistant or session) or any custom string, or combination of string from teh log data.

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