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"These attacks put India on such an important competitive plane that we got enormous brand awareness in the IT services industry." More worrying for Premji is the increasingly tough stance being taken by the US Department of Homeland Security on visas for IT workers. "It is less of an emotional issue, more a physical one. If it continues and is not relaxed, I feel it could be restrictive for business." These developments come amid accusations of growing US protectionism, a trend that Premji detects and opposes strongly."It is unfortunate, because you can't have one-way traffic in liberalisation."They are basically a bridge park, where the customer is conservative and is not willing to take the leap to the global delivery model," says Premji."Typically they will work with the nearshore centre, where we can work closely with them." But he adds: "If the customer is conservative and wants you to work with him more on site, then he has to realise this is more expensive - significantly more expensive." Though Premji sees areas such as China, Eastern Europe and the Philippines becoming major players in IT offshoring, he argues that India still has an overwhelming advantage.He is an icon among Indian businessmen and his success story is a source of inspiration to a number of budding entrepreneurs.

The chairman of Indian IT giant Wipro has a personal fortune of around £4bn, thanks to his 84 per cent stake in the group. However, up till now Premji has made do with an ancient Ford Escort, which has done 145,000km on India's dreadful roads. And what's more, it's a lucky car," he smiles, with a twinkle in his eye.

And it fell within our company's acquisition policy.

And now I can't get rid of it because it's part of my brand." Premji's brand identity as the father of the Indian outsourcing phenomenon is pretty strong at home, and is growing throughout Europe, the US and even the Far East.

The Western world is looking for the developing world to liberalise all the time, to stop restrictive practices, and then it wants to put its own restrictions on business coming out of the developing world.

If the West wants emerging markets to open up, they have to be open." In mid-2003, Premji said he wanted to transform Wipro into a global leader in IT services, breaking out of being simply an Indian business selling to the West.

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