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Highlander and I visited the Biltmore House several times; each time the experience was different due to the exterior daylight.A bright day yields strong interior light an overcast day creates ’re both equally intriguing.Normally the Winter Garden is more serene, less formal, the rounded table setting depicted here is reminiscent of Cornelia Vanderbilt and John Cecil’s wedding breakfast in 1924, an anniversary theme that is carried throughout the house as a remembrance of her wedding celebration at Biltmore House. The garden room is round, lined with stone archways; a grand hallway leads the full circle of the room allowing visibility to the garden from any direction.What you will always find in the Winter Garden is its centerpiece artwork, a marble and bronze fountain sculpture “Boy Stealing Geese” by Viennese artist Karl Bitter. Our next encounter brings us to the Billiard Room, part of Biltmore House’s Bachelor's Wing.

We become immersed in the stone arches crowned with a wood vaulted ceiling as we heard to the faded clicks of heels on polished marble floors.This is one of the three grandest rooms in the house, any work of art is pale in comparison to the architectural art within the Banquet Hall.Hunt also designed the furnishing, an oak dining table with 64 chairs and two throne chairs in gilt trim.Although this was a private home, you immediately sense the feel of a grand museum, a structure meant to house works of art and state of the art late 19th century technology.Facing inward I sense the vision of two men unfolding, the collaboration of George Vanderbilt and Richard Hunt’s vision of the interior of Biltmore House begins here.

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  1. As a kid already consumed by a runaway love for movies, FIGHT CLUB was one of the earliest instances in which I was acutely aware of a director’s distinct voice.

  2. Despite her dreams of a “small garden wedding,” Sydney Rae and her guests — namely the Deckers — are enjoying the tropical setting before Friday’s nuptials.