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The Dry Season starts on February and ends in April, with April being the warmest month of the year while December is the coolest.

The province and the whole country experiences droughts during the dry seasons sometimes in extreme conditions.

Wet Season starts from May and continues until January, with heavy rainfall during August and September.The city began from a town with Negritos, Negros or aborigines and that's where the province where Bacolod is located got its name from and slowly and slowly the population began a mix of Malay-descent and the Mestizos later began a majority in the population.Present day Bacolodnons may have a great gap from those of the earlier generations of the Spanish and American era, the Bacolodnon today tries to be in trend despite the fact that it doesn't have that many high couture stores as Manila and Cebu does and the benefit of the new generation is that they have easier access to education therefore new professionals are created.Bacolod was occupied by Japanese Imperial forces on but was then liberated by local guerillas and allied forces on .The small settlement grew and emerged as an urbanized city with a population now around 500,000 and named as one of the two "Cleanest and Greenest Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines", it also recognized as the most Business and child friendly city as well as Best in disaster risk management and has been appointed by the European Union as the pilot city for democratic Local governance for Southeast Asia in the Philippines.

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