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The place of birth is always required to make a horoscope. Srimati Raharani appeared in Raval and later moved to Varsana when she was a young girl.

For those of you who do not know why the place of birth is important for casting a horoscope this video will be very useful. The beautiful pastoral setting in Raval was a perfect place for our parikrama party to hear and meditate on the transcendental pastimes that took place there 5,0......

To watch the full Baha'i on Air episode, click here: https:// The Birth of The Báb took place on October 20th 1819 in Shiraz, Iran.

This day is celebrated as a Holy Day in the Bahá'í Faith. A news report about the Christians of Iran: Christianity in Iran has a long and rich history, dating back to the birth of faith itself.

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The history of the Baha'i Faith in it's birth place, Iran.

Presently Baha'is in Iran suffer intense persecution.

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