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(3 units) THEORIES OF HUMAN SERVICES Students will be introduced to fundamental theories of human services.

This course aims to facilitate a greater understanding of how theoretical frameworks can be applied to the human services field and profession.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Human Services degree program also provides students with logical and foundational support for continued education should students wish to consider a Master of Arts in Human Services, Counseling, Public Administration or Business.

The coursework for the Bachelor of Arts in Human Services online degree integrates sound ethical values that are necessary for those working in the field of human services.

An emphasis on integrating biblical principles and leadership will also be studied.

(3 units) INTERMEDIATE COMPOSITION Continued practice in writing with emphasis on critical thinking, argument, analysis and interpretation of multicultural readings and other interdisciplinary expository materials. Prerequisite: ENG 113 with a grade of C- or better unless the student has demonstrated writing competence through a written placement exam.Students will be exposed to a broad range of psychology-based counseling theories related to personal, social, and organizational issues.Personality theory and conceptual approaches in psychotherapy are featured, as well as multicultural issues and social justice themes.Develops fluency, coherence, style, effectiveness, and literary analysis.Students must pass this course with a C- or better to fulfill general competency requirements and to proceed to ENG 123. Placement into this course is determined by ACT/SAT scores.

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