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i dont know i would say this drama is good but i feel like this could be far better its like it missed those little details that drive the story what i mean is the premise is really interesting, its so interesting that it become really hard to executes the story It was surprisingly good. It earns 10th top spots of favorite kdrama TV shows. I think it's the ultimate masterpiece among all tv show of all the time.This show had a brilliant premise and creative, great plot that I’ve ever seen. I consider it like a classical, as others masterpieces like "the prisonner" (60' tv show with Patrick Mc Gohan), or Liar game (Japanese drama). All is dense like in a movie, a big 16 hours movie, and a very good one without deathtime.It was the scene where the killer was killed by the politician's henchmen with the fake will in the killer's hand.And since killer died, the webtoon's creator got back his face and spent the next few days getting acquainted with Kang Chul (do note that in between that, OYJ was supposed to meet KC for a coffee date or something, but that didn't happen because their outfits were changed a few times that indicated different days or moments up till her black outfit when her father woke up with his face back) But the few scenes after got me totally confused, because daughter went back home, went to the room that she locked her dad in, found it unlocked, dad's face is gone again and nothing was ever mentioned about the past few days the father spent after recovering his face.I remember being so upset completing this drama, because it was just so good and I didn't want to leave the characters and the story yet.

Because the story have so many deep levels, about psychology and philosophical. Not really the kind of show you look at TV with family.Second time around - I again saw the opening left by the writer for a possible sequel. I would love to see a sequel - it could really be a showcase for the Korean CGI industry. The idea was unique and showed such great potential.However, somewhere along the storyline, W lost its spark.Everything about it is riveting - still think it will become a classic.The ending was a bit convoluted, but I kept thinking - the writer was so good, was this on purpose? Plot: I am in complete agreement that the premise was brilliant. In fact, the first couple of episodes showed its potential to be the best of the best kdramas ever.

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