Benefits of dating an asian

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Ever since I moved in with my girl, I haven´t been able to lose any weight! All those dishes she (sometimes) prepares, have always gotten me craving for more!

Not to mention the fact that every time I get sick, she will always serve me some miracle witch soup and the next day I am as good as new! I think it is important for anyone entering into a relationship with a Chinese woman to know that most Chinese women will control the relationship.

My personal favorite task, is when she waits for me to lay down on the bed and tuck myself in, before saying: Honey, you forgot to get “us” some water. And if that wasn´t enough, she would use her sweet little face to convince me to eat 3 strawberries a day! Those Communists really know their trade, don´t they?

So start meeting new friends and discover the real potential of your love life.Well…ever since my girlfriend moved in, I have forgotten what it is like to feel that refreshing freezing rain dripping all over my head!Every time it begins to pour, I now seem to have a brand new umbrella magically appearing in my bag!That means the people in our listings are for real and regularly check in.Potential members check it out for free and many times can't believe the responses they get, especially from BBW swingers personals.

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It´s now been two years since the night we first met at a birthday dinner in Shanghai, but no matter how much time we spend together, she still manages to surprise (and scare) the hell out of me. She is my friend, my mother, my hobby and recently also my nine to five.

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