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One of her most recent projects was a guest appearance on the crime drama CSI.

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Kitaen had a lot of television work, starring in the comedy series with Dave Coulier. The couple already had a daughter, Wynter, before tying the knot.

They soon expanded their family with the birth of another girl, Raine, in 1998.

The couple soon divorced, and Kitaen became involved with professional baseball player Chuck Finley.

While experiencing some ups and downs in her personal life, her career seemed to be going strong.

She was arrested on two charges of misdemeanor spousal abuse after she allegedly physically assaulted Finley during an argument.

To support herself, Kitaen landed some modeling work and some small acting roles.

1 hit "Here I Go Again." Showcasing her good looks, big hair and long legs, these videos helped make Kitaen a popular sex symbol at the time.

Kitaen married Coverdale in 1989, but the union proved to be short-lived.

The following year, Kitaen launched her own legal battle.

She filed suit against a former boyfriend, claiming that he scammed her out of million of her assets. Taking her private struggles public, Kitaen again delved into the world of reality television in 2008, appearing in the second season of Celebrity Rehab with a group that included actors Gary Busey and Jeff Conaway.

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