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In the United States, three: the original 1975-91 daytime series, the 1983-current nighttime run, and the 1997-98 spinoff Wheel 2000. The daytime show's demise can be traced back to several factors, all following Pat's departure: Daytime Wheel took its last bow on September 20, 1991 after three weeks of repeats.

While the child-oriented version followed in its adult predecessors' footsteps by consistently being #1 among CBS' children's programming, it finished (after its last first-run episode on February 7, 1998) in 46th place overall with approximately 350,000 viewers.

The only exception was on November 12, 2016, in which a new episode, originally scheduled for Friday the 11th, was aired.

This was due to the second through fifth shows of that week (Veterans Week) being delayed by one day due to Election Day coverage pre-empting Wheel in most of the United States on Tuesday, November 8.

Birdz ran for just one season of 13 episodes, while the others got two seasons and 26 episodes.

The demise of Wheel 2000 has actually left at least one notable effect on the adult version: while Jep! ) also ran for one season but paved the way for regular Kids' Weeks, the adult Wheel has not used children as contestants since the early-1990s My Favorite Teacher weeks; this was particularly obvious in a 2011 Family Week sponsored and promoted by Wendy's, as the fast-food chain had done so solely through their Kids' Meals.

Unlike weekday airings of Wheel, stations are allowed to air weekend repeats outside of the usual evening timeslot, sometimes airing them earlier, later, or on Sundays instead, usually when other programming pre-empts the Saturday timeslot.Further, on the June 7, 1976 episode Chuck specifically asks an offstage staff member what the single-round record winnings are "for a half-hour show".Today, however, the hour-long shows are a very obscure footnote in the show's history.Nighttime Wheel began taping on July 6, 1983, over a month before "Changing Keys" became the main theme on the daytime show, although it is believed the latter changed its cues at the same point taping-wise.This version taped at Television City from about August 1989 through May 1995.

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The change was deemed such a success that the show opted to continue it "by popular demand" on November 2, renaming it the Big Bonanza of Cash.

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