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I'm a very dominate and beautiful sitter you won't be disappointed!I want care for my baby boys and girls by feeding, grooming, bathing, changing your wet diapers.If you'd like to know more about Mommy Paige or more about Mommy's services, she'd love to have you check it out at: Notes: My site is I am female born, queer identified. I am quite fond of roleplaying and can create custom scenarios to fulfill your needs. Please ONLY contact me if you are serious about a visit, I won’t waste your time.I love my ABDL lifestyle and the friends I have made throughout the years.I will play with babies from all walks of life, though I will not budge on prohibiting minors from attending a session with me. Feeding chair, feeding bottles, adult crib, car seat, toys, children's books for story time, changing table, provided diapers, baby clothes for boy's and girl's. Extra charge for providing diapers is .00 dollars. .00 dollar discount off base rate for reciprocation.*18 year old FEMALE* *Experienced*Notes: Mommy can host babies at her safe nursery or visit babies who feel comfortable with their own environment. Overnight appointments are 0.00 dollars plus base rate for length of service. I love to change diapers and feed babies and give baths and give love. I'll either be your Babysitter or like a family member to you and if you really want I'll be daddy. But if you want you can make me a donation :)Notes: I have been nanny since I was 15 years old up til recently.Accounts are free, the application uses very few resources and it's all pretty easy to use.For payment, I am accepting bitcoin, but am willing to work with most issues people have with this method and may be able to find an alternative we can both agree upon.

Notes: My schedule changes, so sessions are by appointment only.

Good luck on your search and finding the one your searching for.

Hopefully you'll be able to make a The list below will provide all you need to know about finding your perfect Mommy, Daddy or babysitter.

Notes: Includes roleplay of your choice, I'm happy to play any big sister, sitter, even mommy of your dreams.

I strongly prefer we talk prior to cam2cam if that is the direction you choose, as I like to know a bit about you and your interests before we begin.

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We offer changing diapers, feeding, naps, proper firm fare discipline, and we know how to deal with naughty language. Mommy Paige is a relatively new Mommy who just started this year, but has already had lots and lots of practice. Right now I can only do babysitting in your house or a hotel paid by you March '15 I plan to open my nursery which is to have furniture, clothing, toys, and more. I have an all new Nursery, well over 400 pairs of diapers at any given time, print, non-print, cloth, disposable, sissy plastic pants, onesies, cute baby dresses, you name it, I likely have it here ;).

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