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New research suggests that the combined social and ecological results of increased agricultural intensification in low and middle-income countries are not as positive as expected. New evidence shows seafood from aquatic farming -- aquaculture -- can help feed the future global population while substantially reducing one of the biggest environmental impacts of meat production ...

Nationally, urban/community tree cover declined from 42.9 percent to 42.2 percent between 2009-2014.

— During a depressive episode the ability of the brain to form new brain cells is reduced.But because most residents still support road-building in the parks, the survey team ...— As the world tries to combat climate change, sustainable forms of energy are on the rise.Scientists examined how this affects the memory with a computational model. — Macrophages, large white blood cells that engulf and destroy potential pathogens, harbor active viral reserves that appear to play a key role in impaired learning and memory in mice infected with a ...— Engineers have discovered a new fundamental feature of brain oscillations: they actually move rhythmically across the brain, reflecting patterns of neuronal activity that propagate across the cortex. — Dementia, in any form, is a heartbreaking disease that can take away one's thinking and judgement abilities before they pass.

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