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That's especially the case when part of you wants what they are saying to be true - the thought that someone, somewhere has escaped the humdrum banality of everyday existence for a far more interesting life spent living out their dreams can prove surprisingly intoxicating when you share similar aspirations yourself, no matter how unlikely such tales might be in the cold light of day, Suspending critical judgement when it comes to other people's fantasies wouldn't be so much of a problem were it not for the fact that believing them too much can skew your own desires in undesirable directions, causing problems in the real world for those unable to distinguish the difference.The married sissy who longs to serve as his wife's maid may find his ambitions hampered by the delusion that he must be her slave twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, his erroneous belief that that's what is expected of a proper maid serving only to deny them happiness.Syndication (including all reprint requests): click HERE Back copies.

What about sissy babies who wear nothing but pretty party dresses over their diapers, paraded around in prams and breastfed in public?

How about sissy secretaries who go to work in skirts and blouses, their job involving nothing but satisfying their boss's urges and submitting to strap-on wearing colleagues?

All things are possible, but the more unlikely the claims, the more likely it is that someone is simply making things up rather than objectively relating their situation - especially if they claim to have no choice in the matter, but nevertheless regale readers with regular, detailed accounts of the humiliations they endure as though loving every minute.

With experience, it becomes all too easy to spot the tell-tale signs of outrageous fantasists, but even then one shouldn't take anything for granted - the boundary between truth and fiction is often blurred online.

Although it may be impossible to trust anything you find online absolutely, let alone take it as a prescription for how you should live your own life, it's nevertheless possible to use even the most ridiculous of fantasies to sound out your own desires.

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