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With I Got You Babe, Bono almost outstripped the master, grafting the wall of sound onto the jingle-jangle of folk-rock to create a soaring and dreamy anthem of adolescent love.Cher's opening line, "They say we're young and we don't know…" summarises the eternal plaint of young love and adult disapproval from Romeo and Juliet to the Beach Boys' Wouldn't It Be Nice. Frank and Nancy Sinatra, Somethin' Stupid (1967) Francis Albert Sinatra made more duets, with more vocal partners, than anyone else, ever.Fatman Scoop 96.1 Massive Cuts Reggae Dat Sexy Body (Coca Cola Shape) Extended Ft. 02 Bookshelf Other Deport Them (CPR Re-Edit) Sean Paul 96.7 Classic Party Rockers-Raggae Stylee Part 2 2006 Dance Hall Goggles (CPR Remix) Cecile 96.9 Classic Party Rockers-Raggae Stylee Part 2 2006 Dance Hall If I Was A Rich Girl Lady Saw 97.0 Other Rich Girl Louchie Lou 97.3 Massive Jointz Reggae If I Was A Rich Girl (Reggae Mix) Gwen Stephani Eve 97.3 Other Tour (CPR Re-Edit) Capleton 97.8 Classic Party Rockers-Raggae Stylee Part 2 2006 Dance Hall Money To Burn (Intro) T. 1 2005 R&B/Soul Redemption Song Bob Marley And The Wailers 114.1 Uprising 1980 Reggae Shake, Shake Senora Beatle Juice 114.7 Blues We Be Burning Sean Paul 117.0 The Trinity 2005 Dance Hall Good Woe Beenie Man 119.9 Back To Basics 2004 Reggae Turnin Me On Nina Sky 120.0 Other Is This Love Bob Marley & The Wailers 122.7 Kaya Reggae Girls Dem Sugar Beanie Man 123.2 Other Jamming Bob Marley & The Wailers 123.7 Exodus Reggae Jammin' (JD Intro - With Hype) Bob Marley 124.0 Dj JD Remixes 2008 Reggae Buffalo Soldier Bob Marley & The Wailers 124.3 Confrontation Reggae Gangsters The Specials 129.6 Blues Underneath It All No Doubt 138.2 The Singles 1992-2003 Other Underneath It All (Intro) No Doubt 138.2 Whitematic Intro Edit 2001 Pop/Reggae Bomb Bud 2 Dj Quick 142.5 Blues Steppin' Out (Jason Bee Intro) Steel Pulse 144.9 Smash Hits Reggae One Day (DJ Fabian Intro) Matisyahu 145.0 Reggae Greetings Half Pint 145.9 Get Up Stand Up 2005 Reggae Bomb Bud Dj Quick 146.6 Blues Ghost Town The Specials 147.5 Best Of Ska Cd2 2001 Ska Baby I Love Your Way Ub40 147.5 Blues Three Little Birds Bob Marley & The Wailers 147.7 Exodus Reggae Just One Of Those Days Sizzla 148.0 Da Real Thing 2002 Reggae Pass the Dutchie [CPR-024] Musical Youth 149.7 Classic Party Rockers vol. 24 2005 R&B Chase The Devil Lee Scratch Perry 149.7 Other Bang Bang (Jason Bee Intro) Brevi ft Baby Cham 150.0 Reggae/Urban Pass The Dutchie Musical Youth 150.1 The Wedding Singer Soundtrack 1998 Blues Pass The Dutchie Musical Youth 150.2 80's Night Ultimate Dj Collection Cd 10 M-O Rock One Love-People Get Ready Bob Marley & The Wailers 152.6 Exodus Reggae Welcome To Jamrock (Beat Music) Damian Marley 153.3 Funkymix 91 2005 Hip-Hop Welcome To Jamrock Damian Marley 153.4 Welcome To Jamrock [Uk] 2005 Reggae Jamrock Damien Marley 153.4 Massive Cutz Reggae Come Around (E Rock Edit) Collie Buddz 153.6 Club Hits #145 Reggae/Dancehall Come Around REMIX (Jason Bee Intro) Collie Buddz ft G Unit 153.8 Reggae/Dancehall African Beat (Jah Works) Barrington Levy 153.9 Other Under Me Sensi Riddim Barrington Levy 154.0 Blues Welcome To Jamrock (Remix) Damian Marley 154.0 Blues Milk & Honey (Jason Bee Intro) Prince Fatty ft Holly Cook 155.7 2008 Reggae/pop Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley & The Wailers 156.1 Burnin' 1973 Reggae No One Remix (Ft Damien Marley) Alicia Keys 160.0 Other No No No Dawn Penn 162.0 Massive Jointz 4 Reggae You Dont Love Me, No No No Dawn Penn 162.0 Dancehall Party 2004 2004 R&B You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) [CPR-024] Dawn Penn 162.0 Classic Party Rockers vol.

As such, it is a song very well suited to Fred and Ginger, who spent so much of the films they made together at unimportant loggerheads, though everyone could see they were made for each other.

Just how good it is, was revealed by the incompetence of the 2001 Robbie Williams/Nicole Kidman cover. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, You’re the One that I Want (1978) Will they, won’t they, get it on? Written by maverick chansonnier Gainsbourg for girlfriend Brigitte Bardot, he passed it on to his new love interest, posh English starlet Jane Birkin, his smokey mumble mingling with her girlish gasps.

This is the moment in Grease when the lovebirds finally decide to stop skirting around and declare themselves. Travolta yelps, Newton-John simpers; they’re not great singers, but their voices are well matched, and the song breezes along at a cracking pace (and, apparently, the entire film sequence was made in just one afternoon). The untranslatable title (literally, "I love you, me neither") celebrates the sublimation of the self through erotic bliss. Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox, Sisters Are Doin' it for Themselves (1985) Decades on from this Franklin-Eurythmics collaboration, no pop song since has fused two finer female voices.

It's a personal tale of his city, from his roots in the 'hood to his plush pad in Tribeca.

Accompanied by Alicia Keys's infectious hook, it's a track designed to be listened to while driving down 5th Avenue with the top down.

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In a sense, Stan is not only a duet between Eminem and Dido, but also between the rapper’s post and pre-fame selves, where boldly he faces up to how little the former has to offer the latter.

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