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[6.] The sections of the Constitution of the Republic which the respondent prayed in aid in this regard, therefore, are sections 3 and 14.

Section 3 is the section which deals with the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.

[3.] The respondent claimed that the provisions of the Citizenship Act of 1984 which denied citizenship to her two younger children were sections 4 and 5.

Those sections read as follows: 4(1) A person born in Botswana shall be a citizen of Botswana by birth and descent if, at the time of his birth: (a) his father was a citizen of Botswana; or (b) in the case of a person born out of wedlock, his mother was a citizen of Botswana.

I shall have occasion to recite them and to refer to them in some detail in the course of this judgment.(v) Since the children would be obliged to travel on their father's passport the applicant will not be entitled to return to Botswana with her children in the absence of their father.What I have set out at length may inhibit women in Botswana from marrying the man whom they love.I have also come to the conclusion that section 5 of the Act must join the fate of section 4.[8.] The appellant has appealed against this decision on several grounds.

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For this she is put in the unfavourable position in which she finds herself vis-à-vis her children and her country.

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