Bret michaels still dating

The show closely resembles its sister show Flavor of Love.

So he'd go to one of those or he'd go stay at his dad's for a little while.There was no way I was having a kid at 20, so I got an abortion, which a lot of young girls do.Well, since that abortion, I've never gotten pregnant and never used birth control because I think they messed me up inside where I can't conceive anymore." Sunny claimed that she was separated from Candido at the time when she was romantically, and often physically, entangled with Michaels. We still traveled together on the road, we still shared hotel rooms at times, not even always - a lot of times, we wouldn't even be at the same hotel at night, but we still rode together/traveled together because, honestly, it's nobody's business what our personal life is.I mean, people knew we were together from 17 years old on and at 23 years old, it's none of their business if we are together or we're not together.So we would fly together, ride together, sometime share a hotel room, and most of the time not, so it's like I said, sometimes we'd be at different hotels, and fly home together.

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