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And I guess at the back of my mind I've always wanted people to know."Bizarrely, Brian's big coming-out failed to register with some critics.

Maybe they just wanted to hold onto the more thrilling myth?

Because five minutes into our drink, Stefan turns round to me and says, 'I think I'm gay.' And I said, 'That's cool because I'm bisexual.' And then BANG we hit it off like that. I don't know if that comes from my Swedish upbringing.bring attention to myself, either." So why and when did you decide to come out? But because you couldn't find two differently sized queens than Brian and Stefan. Would Stefan have been the school basketball star if he wasn't six foot whatever?

Finally we'd find something tangible that we had in common."When I first interviewed you I got the impression you didn't know Stef was gay. Moreover, would Brian have felt he needed to make Whatever.

This whole thing of being in a band and getting attention put me on a crash course in finding out who I am. I thought 'I don't even know if I'm secure enough to be what I want to be'."But anyway -- back to school.

Brian and Stefan went to the same one, a place for American expats' brats in Luxembourg. You wanna be liked and you wanna be part of a group, and I was good at sports and basketball so that's what I put my effort into.

Or maybe -- like Brian says -- they just wanted to hold on to a handy stick to beat him with?

They want me to be that person." But bisexuality also has a troubled history in pop. So twenty-five years after Ziggy Stardust fell to Earth, sexual ambiguity doesn't cause confusion, it causes doubt."When I was younger I used to be a bit more like that.And Placebo -- ace band of the Nineties -- was born. It wasn't a sensitive issue, it was about letting Stefan do what he wanted. But I also now feel better about myself if I talk about what I feel. I can find myself biting my tongue sometimes, but I'd rather now just say it and bring it out into the open."No, it's just I have quite low self-esteem.Stefan had a guitar strapped to his back, so they both got talking about music. Let him come out when he felt ready."It must have been a bit strange for you, Stefan, listening to people ask Brian all these questions about sexuality and staying shtum. 'Cause I didn't really feel I had the right to put my troubles on to anyone else. Or, as I prefer to phrase it, Stefan's very, very long.With hindsight, his halted answers are kind of fascinating.Stefan was dropping some pretty big hints and I was just too plain dumb to pick up on them.

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Then the picture shifted and the really big question on the world's puckered lips became "Does he like girls or boys? I wasn't sure and wrote one of my 'Give 'em enough rope' pieces.

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