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Unfortunately, the impacting vehicles had destabilized the island, which began, spire by spire, to derez into the sea.

Upon discovering their danger, the two foes were forced to call a temporary truce and work together to find a way to survive.

A new banner for TRON: Legacy featuring Olivia Wilde as Quorra has been released and can be viewed below.Paige engaged the Renegade in an aerial dogfight and both his lightjet and her light copter crashed on a remote island of rocky spars.Paige waved for Pavel and the other jet pilots who had followed to pick her up, but Pavel, seeing a chance to be rid of her, turned back toward Argon, leaving her stranded with the Renegade.Sam Flynn is the son of Kevin Flynn, a famous software engineer who has been missing for several decades.Even though Sam is the leading shareholder of his father's company, ENCOM, he has no interest in running the company.

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