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The disagreement we find in non-scholar Buddhist tradition is even stronger: the decease of the Buddha ranges widely from 2420 BCE to 290 BCE and most of them have no support on evidence.

Another method to date the life of the Buddha is to consider the list of the so-called patriarchs.

Essentially, the dates for Emperor Ashoka in the long chronology are miscalculated by around 60-70 years.

Therefore, the dates of the Buddha had to be recalculated and most Western Indian scholars moved the date of the Buddha’s death to 487 or 486 BCE.

This first one is sometimes referred to as the Indian chronology and the second one as the Ceylonese chronology.The reality is that there is not a unanimously accepted date for the historical Buddha’s life amongst scholars.In 1988 CE a symposium named “The Dating of the Historical Buddha” took place in Gottingen, Germany.Buddhism is one of the most influential traditions of the Eastern world, with about two and a half thousand years of development.It has touched and adorned virtually every single aspect of Asian society: its lore, mythology, morals, art and even metaphysics and religion, despite the fact the Buddha, its founder, does not seem to have had any kind of metaphysical or religious concerns.

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