Bungie net player model not updating

It's kinda like a presidential election in the US.You vote, but your voice gets lumped in with a bunch of other voices in your district that gets lumped into the electoral college for your state that gets lumped into the final count that elects the next candidate.Get API usage by application for time frame specified.

This latest revision will only edit the fields you pass in - pass null for properties you want to leave unaltered.

If you're not the majority it may SEEM like your voice gets lost in translation, but it still gets counted and quantified.

Hopefully in Destiny 2 we see dedicated servers or something that will help ease the latency we experience in most games.

I stay quiet b/c I'm happy with Destiny for the most part.

Definitely Weisnewski's brilliance that said that."Yeah Guerilla Fighter is so OP!

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It feels like they don't really listen to us but try and make it seem like they do by fixing little things that honestly people don't usually think about.

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