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Over the past 9 months I have visited this site on a daily basis and it has been a huge help.

Regardless of your situation, a better financial future is possible. “I just want to add my thanks for the work you do on this site.C'est au cours d'une réunion de l'Institut canadien des Ingénieurs en 1922 que sept de ses anciens Présidents ont eu l'idée d'une Cérémonie d'Engagement pour les ingénieurs canadiens.Rudyard Kipling, en réponse à une demande des Sept, conçut Le Rite d'Engagement de l'Ingénieur dont l'Administration fut confiée à la Société des Sept Gardiens inc.For all of you out there that are fearing what the future holds for you before, during and after filing please take a deep breath and know that everything will work out for the best. it is just beginning.” “I just received my automatic discharge and want to thank the trustees for providing their expertise and all that they do on this phenomenal site.I've read every single archived blog dating back to 2005 and this truly is the best and most informative site out there.

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